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Narin Ideh Pasargad

Our Mission

We maximize value creation with effective mobile monetization solutions.

 These solutions leverage our proprietary technology, our global network of connections, and our local presence.

Our Vission

We aim to be a global reference and a pioneering leader in mobile monetization.

The company that develops effective, scalable and flexible solutions customizable to the needs and strategic goals of our clients.


Mobile Applications

The Narin Ideh Pasargad , with the backing of a team of experts, is pushing for the production and distribution of applications that are practical and entertaining in creditable markets

Some of Narin’s products are as follows

Digibazi is an app that contains hundreds of games, tricks, and related news.
Bazibox is a collection of fun and entertaining games for users.
The Hafez app, along with audio and text, the interpretation of every horoscope and the lyrics list, has provided a valuable form of Hafez’s masterpiece.

Mobile Games

Narin’s production and publishing team has creatively stepped into the digital entertainment industry, with the backing of a team of dedicated, capable, and indigenous experts is looking forward to the future.

Experience and knowledge of Narin ideh Pasargad has a significant share in the production of various games in the mobile platform of Iran. This knowledge and experience multiplies by releasing each game.

Narin’s effort is using modern ideas based on past experiences to create user friendly and exciting games.


Products & Services

Narin has provided various platforms for value-added services through mobile operators.


We are honored when our efforts are recognized.


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